Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are you for the Entertainment Industry Selling Sex?

Sex is no longer a private affair of two individuals. Infact it is no longer just a means of reproduction. Sex today has acquired various dimensions. One could have never thought in the earlier days that sex would sell so much in the field of mass entertainment. Yes, today any element related to sex sells like hot potatoes. Apart from prostitution, anything that is related to the concept of sex is very 'in' today.

Be it television, cinema, or the print media each one of them tries to somehow pull in the element of sex without being apparent, and sometimes even apparently. There are certain magazines, films and programs in the television that particularly cater to the sex factor. And needless to say they have takers. So it will not be wrong to say that sex is a superstar and it sells.

However, the matter in question is that is this trend correct? This is an often asked question. But does this make the question obsolete? This whole idea of selling sex comes from the notion that sex is something very shameful, private and at the same time vulgar. There is also this whole aura of treating sex as something unnatural. Nothing can be more ironical than this. Sex is not only highly natural but also very necessary for the survival of any race. But inspite of all these facts anything related to sex is still hushed up. And because people have this attitude regarding sex, when it is presented in the media it sells.

The scenario is different in different portions of the world. For example, in the western countries people are lenient on matters pertaining to sex. Even the portrayal of the sexual elements in their media is not that highlighted. But it is not as if the western countries are not sensationalized by sex. Even they have programs that are aired in the 'late night slots'. They also have magazines that cater to this particular taste of the people. The difference is that the people in these countries don't exactly jump at anything that bears the slightest resemblance to anything sexual. But in the conservative countries like India Pakistan and the Middle East the situation is different. In these countries sex was always portrayed as something unethical. But deep within, the people are aroused by the idea of sex and this idea has been grasped by the entertainment industry which is raking high profits today.

Be it the eastern countries or the western countries, sex sells everywhere. In the western countries people are open about their sexual fantasies where as in the eastern countries people are quite hypocritical. They are equally turned on by the idea of 'buying sex' but are apprehensive of admitting the fact. But the entertainment industry is having the last laugh. As long as the people are accepting what they are giving the entertainment industry has nothing to lose.

But what the entertainment industry hardly portrays but is very much related to sex is erectile dysfunction. In spite of its omnipresence erectile dysfunction is very rarely projected in media. However, Drug manufacturing companies like Lilly Icos, Pfizer etc have taken up the task to publicize if not the disease then at least its cure in the form of drugs like Viagra or Cialis Online. These drugs have all been launched like a superstar. Their sales ratings have also been very closely followed by the media. It?s through the media that you will know that today Lily Icos Cialis is the best selling ED drug in the market. It?s also through the media that you will know that you can order Cialis from the Online Pharmacies. Yes, the internet is also a type of market from where you can buy Cialis or anything that you can think of. Well, internet has now become a medium to get an access to almost everything that one knows of and even what one does not know of!

Condom Use May Lead to Difficulties in Erection!

Condoms are one of the most successful aids for family planning and they also act as protection against STDs. Condom use is advertised even by the governments nowadays. In fact in certain countries condoms are distributed free of cost by the government in order to protect the population from the curse of the STDs which includes AIDS.

Condom use is a good way for family planning. However, condoms are not 100% contraceptive. Sometimes people miraculously get pregnant even after condom use. But condoms are the most user friendly form of contraceptives and also the most successful. However, they are not without side effects but I will talk about it a little later first let me discuss certain other aspects of condoms and condom use.

Condoms, as is obvious have a very big commercial market. So much so that today there is a neck to neck competition between the various brands of condoms. Today condoms come in various flavours also- strawberry, apple, buttery, dotted, stripped etc etc. But there are many couples who find condoms to be an obstacle to a satisfactory sex life. They feel sex is much more fun, exciting, and sexy without a condom. They prefer other contraceptive means to condoms or what many couples do is ejaculate outside. But these means apart from being doubtful also don't serve to protect the people from the bane of the STDs. Inspite of all these risk factors condoms are a strict no-no for many couples. Among these class of condom boycotting people there are some who have multiple sex partners. Thus the chances of STDs are at their prime in case of these people.

Interestingly the people who do not use condoms in most of their sexual exploits find it difficult to maintain an erection when they do use a condom. This is the side effect of condom that I was referring to earlier on in the article. Difficulty in maintaining an erection is a probable side effect of condom use. But this side effect is more seen in the people who are not regular users of condoms as compared to the ones who are regular. This might be because of the fact that the first types of people have grown so used to having sex without condoms that they can't get the kicks with a condom on. Though this difficulty of maintaining an erection is referred to as a condom side effect, yet it might have more to do with the psyche of the person than the condom. In spite of everything, I for one would always advice condom use, until and unless you are planning a family with your spouse.

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